Our Next Meeting

Next Regular Meeting: Wed January 26th, 2022


Meeting to be held at the Swan Hotel, 425 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121. Drinks and congenial talk at the bar with meals 6.30 to 8.00. Formal proceedings kick off at around 7.30pm sharp (approx) thereabouts! Our meetings are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month except December.

Latest News

  • 20Aug
    Minie News August 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    We are still in the thrall of the corona virus and life as we have known it has changed considerably but life in the virtual world is alive and well for the ACWRTA through email, zoom meetings and a wonderful public service known as Australia Post. We are not voting in a federal election but if we were, postal voting would be the way to go and, strangely enough, acceptable to all So thank you Australia Post.
    Barry has been busy providing lots of information on the ACW and his Archergram is loaded with wonderful snippets garnered from his large collection of CW books.


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  • 16Jul
    Minie News July 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    n this MN you will find an article wrenched out of the deep dark past by our South Australian correspondent Mr. Paul Spencer. We thank you Paul and we hope you are enjoying certain freedoms not available at present to our Victorian metropolitan ACWRTA members.

    Vale Charlie Daniels whose fiddle brought the devil undone in Georgia and to the massively talented musical composer of over 400 film and television scores, the wonderful Ennio Morricone. Who can forget the sparse jangling music of those “spaghetti” westerns especially the CW based “The Good’ The Bad and The Ugly”.

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  • 19Jun
    Minie News June 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Just when you think the world has enough problems we are now embracing the need to sort out the age old scourge of racial inequality-racism. The world is crying out with a full throated roar for something to be done and now the politicians must show some spine to enable new policies and laws aimed at solving the racial divide. But it is not only the people in power who need to act it is us, the people (the whole damn human race) who must act. We are all part of the problem. Here endeth the lesson!

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  • 22May
    Minie News May 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under the doona – time for another Minie News and thanks again the hard-working and ever-reliable editors – we are blessed to have Warren & Ross tirelessly pounding over the keyboard to keep you involved.

    In lieu of another cancelled meeting in Melbourne our technological guru, Chris Hookey, has lined up a zoom conference call for next Wednesday evening, 7.30 p.m., with a talk by John Quarstein which should last about thirty minutes. John was over here in 2005 when he we did a Shenandoah conference at the Williamstown Historical Society, he is recognised as one of the outstanding leaders when it comes to his knowledge on the Virginia 1862 Peninsula campaign and has been highly involved with the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, as well as the Virginia War Museum. He has written extensively on the Monitor and
    to boot, he is a very entertaining speaker.

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  • 22Apr
    Minie News April 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Our glorious newsletters have diligently worked to get a monthly newsletter out to our members and friends which we very much appreciate. We may not have the ability o hold a meeting at our normal venue of choice but hope to continue to at least produce a newsletter for all of our readers.
    However, after a trial run earlier this week with our president Byard and organised by committee members and past president Chris Hookey, we will endeavor to hold a meeting via zoom next Wednesday night (April 22) as is the usual time and therefore at 7:30 on Wednesday night (Australian eastern time). There may be limits to how many members can be accomodated (we hope at least a dozen and maybe more than 20) if you haven’t used Zoom before, as long as you have access to a computer (laptop or desktop) or tablet with a camera and microphone or headset, it should work okay.

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  • 19Mar
    Minie News March 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Blessed be for the continued hard work by our editors and another issue comes to fruition; the March meeting will take place as noted but future meetings will be decided with the quarantine methods to be determined. Also note that Good Friday this year falls almost on the same dates as April 1865.

    Please also note that the National broadband is due to take place at the Archer Library in the next week or so and may force some changes to my
    computer activities (and the phone number). In the meantime business as

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  • 21Feb
    Minie News February 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Again we thank our outstanding editorial team for another excellent
    Minie News; we have the Annual General Meeting next Wednesday night at
    the Swan Hotel in lovely downtown Richmond and I get the chance to
    pontificate on the whys and wherefores of the colourful links with the
    Civil War and my connections over the years.

    We had Abraham Lincoln’s birthday two weeks ago and tomorrow (the 22nd)
    brings us to George Washington’s birthday and the anniversary of the
    inauguration of the Confederacy’s president.

    Respects to all and hopefully we will see you next week, rain or shine.

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  • 19Jan
    Minie News January 2020
    posted by ACWRTA

    Sunday morning in Melbourne; midway through summer; chances of an
    afternoon storm; summer fires in Western Australia; South Australia,
    Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales (have I missed
    anything?); the Australian Open Tennis begins tomorrow in Melbourne;
    cricket against India in India; Australia Day commemorations next
    weekend and all in all lots to keep us busy.

    Again we thank our amazing newsletter editors and look forward to
    picking where we left last year – our first meeting with President /
    Treasurer Byard on Wednesday evening January 22 at the Swan Hotel;
    everyone welcome and may need to bring an umbrella (to be in Melbourne
    in summer time!)

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  • 22Nov
    Minie News November 2019
    posted by ACWRTA

    Again we have arrived at the commencement of the so-called “silly season” where life and work is supposed to wind down as we head into Christmas cheer and the New Year.

    We have successfully ridden out the year with a wide variety of presentations upstairs at the Swan Hotel in Richmond.
    Your editors missed the October meeting as they were in the USA catching up with the ghost of Randolph Scott in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, Ca. followed closely by the vibrant conversation and music conjured up for the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival in Dyess Arkansas.

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  • 18Oct
    Minie News October 2019
    posted by ACWRTA

    Congratulations to all those members who braved the rather benign conditions and made it to the September meeting. Many of the shops in the area were decked out in lashings of yellow and black to celebrate the achievement of Richmond making it into the 2019 AFL Grand Final.

    It was our annual President’s XI and our guest speakers presented on a wide range of subjects. These presentations were limited to five minutes. Our time-keeper Barry Crompton had his hands full in keeping speakers to their time limit. His timing was ridden over roughshod at times but in the end it all worked out well.

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  • 19Sep
    Minie News September 2019
    posted by ACWRTA

    For all our American readers the flanneled fools on the front page are playing a wonderful colonial game called cricket. A test match is contested over five full days and does not always conclude with a positive result. It is a polarizing sport but for the cognoscenti it is a beautiful game. Congratulations to those members who will be presenting as part of the President’s XI at our September meeting.
    Your editors would be remiss if we didn’t compliment our guest speaker at the August meeting. Paul Spencer made the trek from South Australia and actually found the correct pub in Richmond but being on Adelaide time he was half an hour ahead of himself!

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  • 22Aug
    Minie News August 2019
    posted by ACWRTA

    Congratulations to Juliette Peers who on all reports introduced a topic at the July meeting that very few members had considered. Unfortunately your editors could not attend the meeting and so missed an excellent presentation. Editor Warren had the similar misfortune to miss the left of centre presentation on The Red Badge of Courage and Stephen Crane by that excellent raconteur Chris Hookey. So Paul you had better bring your “A” game with you when you cross the border into Victoria next week!

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