The idea originated with the purpose that it not be composed entirely of military experts and historians but rather to include people whose everyday activities have little connection with academic and formal studies of history. Professional authors and historians rub shoulders with the amateurs. The “Round Table” has no head or bottom and as such, the members of 40 years standing join alongside with the junior members equally to understand the American Civil War.


1. To promote and study all aspects of the American Civil War including its’ links to Australia.

2. To assist members and others in research.

3. To collect and preserve archival material for this study.

4. To conduct regular meetings and lectures.

5. To conduct regular social activities and to foster good fellowship within the Round Table.

James Iredell Waddell

This is a copy of a carte-de-visite of Lt.Cdr James Iredell Waddell of North Carolina, Commander of the C.S.S.Shenandoah. Our Round Table owns the original.

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